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Three Rivers Art Festival     18 July, 2006, 04:34 pm
Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Art Festival in June has been a favorite of ours since the early 1990s. My mother and her large family were from the ‘burgh; I spent my high school years there, and so it seemed like a natural choice when we expanded our show schedule beyond Virginia. I can remember attending the festival in high school in the 1960s, so that I thought that I already knew the terrain.

The festival runs for 17 days starting at the first full weekend in June. Artists can choose 3-day weekend sessions, 6-day weekday/end sessions, or some combination up to a maximum of 12 days. It takes place at Gateway Plaza, a lovely park, set amid the office towers of the Golden Triangle in downtown. Artists can choose to stay for $25/night for a bunk bed at nearby Point Park University, in the posh on-site Pittsburgh Hilton, or drive in from a wide range of motels in nearby Greentree.

Any festival that runs for 17 days in June is bound to have its share of hot (and less frequently, cold) weather and storms, and Three Rivers is no exception. In fact, dealing with the extremes of Pittsburgh weather becomes sort of a badge of courage for participating artists. Winds ...
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Meet Ron Ayers, Blogger     18 July, 2006, 04:30 pm
I have been exhibiting Literary Calligraphy art prints and stationery at art & craft shows with my wife, Susan Loy, since about 1990. In addition to arts & craft shows, we also exhibit at several flower shows and professional conferences. We travel the eastern U.S., from Florida to Vermont and west as far as Michigan and Illinois. Between us, we exhibit at about 45 shows/year.

Before Literary Calligraphy, I was a business professor at Ferrum College in Virginia. Early in life I caught the travel bug. When Susan came back from Florida art shows with a tan in February, I knew that I had a golden chance to hit the road and get paid, too.

Along the road, I’ve met some interesting people in wonderful places. I’ve met a jeweler who exhibited at Woodstock in 1968. A patron of ours was estranged from his father until they regained communications via a Literary Calligraphy print. These are the type of people whose stories I want to share with you in my “behind the scenes” look at the arts & craft show circuit.

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