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Room 1244

Straight across Point State Park and down the Ohio River is the spectacular view from this deluxe corner room at the Pittsburgh Hilton. We have come for our 18th appearance at the Three Rivers Art Festival, the annual city-wide celebration. Lots of things have changed in the art show business since 1991, but the captivating view reminds us that we still lead a charmed life.

Susan actually booked this year’s reservation last year during renovations and got a good rate. We were pleasantly surprised with our room assignment when they gave us our room key. It turns out that our friends within the hotel, knowing that we were coming to the festival, put us in Room 1244 as a courtesy. They like having the artists around.

Unfortunately, with the economy and no artist rate deals from the hotel, less and less artists stay at the Hilton. We had some great parties in Room 1244 in the past, but this year Susan and I had to content ourselves with our traveling Bichon dogs for companionship. They are always up for a good party, even though they go to bed early.

Another heavy dose of déjà vu was delivered this year courtesy of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team, playing in the Stanley Cup finals (winning their first since 1992). Again we saw the “Go Pens” signs everywhere in the city. To a calligrapher this is a heartening sign of good fortune to come. And sure enough, it was a good year for Literary Calligraphy. The perfect weather, large crowds, and good feelings in the city resulted in a good show for most of the artists in our area.

The icing on the cake was that Susan won the Festival Award, good for $1000 and an invitation for next year. The judges were much impressed by her Constitution Project art, now in its third year. I’ve watched her put in the hundreds upon hundreds of hours that she has taken on these paintings, and I’m proud beyond words. See Susan and her award at

So we plan to be back in Pittsburgh next year, hopefully gazing down from Room 1244!

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