Susan & Ron buy an RV     4 June, 2007, 06:10 pm
I write this blog at the Woodstock-New Paltz Arts & Craft Fair at the table of our new (used) travel trailer that we have owned for the past three weeks. Susan and I have been exhibiting at art shows for the past 20+ years while staying in motels and hotels. What caused this sudden switch?

First were the rapid increases in hotel rates in the past few years. We particularly noticed this last January in Florida, where we ended up at some cheesy hotels, costing more than $100 per night. Our hotel options are also limited by the need for the hotel to be “pet friendly” because we travel with two small dogs. Another consideration was that there are many shows where having a nearby RV is a luxury. And besides all that as Susan says, change is good.

We settled on a 21’ travel trailer so that we can still carry our display in our van and be able to maneuver around show sites. We started shopping for the trailer, first on the Internet, and then on our way home from the Sugarloaf show in Chantilly in early May. We stopped at several dealers before we found a great deal at a lot in our county. The trailer was barely used and was ½ the price of a new one. We bought it almost on the spot.

I have zero experience with RVs and my camping experience dates back to Camp Howell, circa 1960. Unlike most decisions made with Susan Loy, where the pros and cons are discussed at great length, this RV deal was a quick decision. I had second thoughts as I drove home from the RV dealer on the steep hills of Bedford County, Virginia.

There was little time for remorse because our next show was in a matter of days, luckily in nearby Crozet. I set about practicing how to back up on my farm road. I didn’t get very good at it in the couple of hours that I had to devote to the task, but I knew we had a “pull-through” spot at the campground. I unhitched the trailer with much difficulty, loaded our display into the van, and hitched back up with less difficulty. In the evening, Susan and I speed-read the owner’s manuals for all of the individual components that make up the RV.

We set off for Crozet in the morning and arrived at the Misty Mountain Campground by 11 a.m. First thing that I asked was how to unhook the trailer from the ball. I found that there is a little lever that works easily, if you know what you are doing. Then we were able to hook into the RV-knowledge resources readily available at the campground (or any other place where RVers congregate).

Now we have done two more shows with the RV and made it into the Hudson Valley of New York. We've had a wonderful time camping. I still can’t back up very well, so it’s full speed ahead!

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